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Hi, I am Georgina Cook! I blog because I relish in "sharing what I love". While there are so many things in life that I love (Cath Kidston, Galaxy chocolate, my husband's eyes, eBay, plucking my eyebrows (i just do...) , and Christmas morning), this blog will focus on my greater passions: crafting, going cool places with my hubby, shopping, decorating and every day life lessons.

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Ooooh! I am SO loving this fall season! Pumpkins are just great! I saw something similar to this in a super expensive shop.... I just thought Hey?! Georgina could easily make those for 99p! So that she did, Ha! That pumpkin was 99p.... I already have a pack of 100 tealights which were only £2.99. So, yeah! Did well for myself here. I love the way it looks. Naw! Just carve out a circle in the top of your pumpkin that is just the same size as the base of your tealight... and it will slot in nicely!

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  1. I love this! I bet your place will look fabulous at Halloween!

    Best wishes,