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Hi, I am Georgina Cook! I blog because I relish in "sharing what I love". While there are so many things in life that I love (Cath Kidston, Galaxy chocolate, my husband's eyes, eBay, plucking my eyebrows (i just do...) , and Christmas morning), this blog will focus on my greater passions: crafting, going cool places with my hubby, shopping, decorating and every day life lessons.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Vision of Ruffles

I woke up in the middle of the night with ruffles gliding through my brain. I had this vision of a lovely ruffled runner! I started to worry about my mental health. Even so, I am glad to have had this vision and to now have it on our table. You know what the best part is about this little DIY? You don't have to sew anything...which is good because I don't own a sewing machine. All my crafts come back to my trusty glue gun. (How I love it!)

You will need:
Fabric (quite a lot!)
Glue gun or needle

Cut long strips of fabric and lay them out on the floor

"Ruffle" them...which is really more like folding, but you get the idea

Hot glue, sew, or somehow attach each layer together

Continue until your runner is long enough for your table

Enjoy your pretty "ruffled" table runner on your table. I love how it looks on the burlap!



  1. Thanks for the tutorial! Even though I sew, sometimes there just isn't time with the kiddos and so I love me a good new sew tutorial! I love how it turned out! Thanks for linking up to Craft and Tell!


  2. I got your email about adding my button, but I'm not sure if you will get it because I think you might have your email hidden so it sends it to "no-reply@blogger.com" so just send me an email @ ashley.cherishedbliss@gmail.com if you don't get my email and I will let you know! : )

  3. I am featuring this on my blog today! Stop by to pick up a featured button!

  4. This is so pretty! I have been looking to make a runner but don't have a sewing machine so all the tutorials I have seen are a no go...until now! I love it! Thank you!

  5. Aaaah yay I am so glad! So much easier than getting the sewing machine out... me and my glue gun are inseperable! :P

  6. So pretty! I love your whole tablescape. Such a smart idea to use the glue gun - sewing is definitely NOT my strong point! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark. I haven't visited your blog before and have enjoyed looking around. Your blog design is super cute! Have a great week!
    Jenn :)