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Hi, I am Georgina Cook! I blog because I relish in "sharing what I love". While there are so many things in life that I love (Cath Kidston, Galaxy chocolate, my husband's eyes, eBay, plucking my eyebrows (i just do...) , and Christmas morning), this blog will focus on my greater passions: crafting, going cool places with my hubby, shopping, decorating and every day life lessons.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Satin Poppy Head Band

Hey guys! I am in love with my new headband, i saw one similar in a shop and straight away went and bought some tiny black beads... that's not very me to go buy stuff for a craft... but I really liked this!  In the shop it was £10... I am so stingy :P 
So here's the tut:

You will need:
Red satin or silk 
Headband or hair clip 
tiny black beads
Candle or flame of some kind

1. Now then, seeming as I had already splashed out £1.50 for the beads, I certainly was NOT going to buy new fabric! This satin is actually a sample we got from my bridesmaids' dresses. Nawww aint they beautiful?!
So cut out three circles, slightly getting bigger in size.

2. Now then, this is the clever bit, light your candle and go around the edges of the satin and it should start to go black, dont go in the flame just right next to it. Take it all the way around. Try different positions of holding them to see how you can get it to curl up. The only way it worked for me was to go around after I had done it once at a slight angle. If you aren't happy with the sizing then take a bit more off with your flame. I wanted mine to be three different sizes so I spent a minute or so just letting them get smaller on the flame. When you are happy glue them all together.
3. Then put a blob of glue in the middle of the top one and sprinkle your beads all over it. When the glue has solidified then shake it so all the loose beads come off. Then, either to a head band or to a hair clip or to a bobby pin... actually to anything, glue it on.

It's sooo pretty! I haven't stopped wearing it!


  1. Really lovely. Such a simple idea but very effective.

  2. Love these! SO cute!

    I'd be honored if you'd link up to our Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings party going on now!! http://bearrabbitbear.blogspot.com/2011/08/crafts-for-under-twenty-somethings-4.html